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  • Through the intercession of St. Chavara I have got admission to study Nursing and have passed the nursing in first class. in 1977

  • I am happy to proclaim the intercession of St. Chavara in my life. It was in 1969. I was at 13 years studying in class 7 and my elder sister (Sr. Anice Vadakumkara SABS, working in Ujjain Mission) was completed SSLC examination. We both were having Asthma problems from very early ages of our Childhood. We were affected much on full moon days and suffered a lot due to difficulty in breathing and cough. All kinds of then available treatments were sought abstaining from some variety of foods and taking many medicines. But only temporary relief was possible. The situation continued for many years. My sister joined the come and see program of SABS congregation and they were reluctant to accept an Asthma patient. Hence she was very sad. One day our grand uncle Late Rev. Fr. Bruno Kaniyarakth CMI, of a happy and pious memory suggested to pray Novena to Venrable Chavara Pithav and to pray at his tomb at Mannanam. We have completed 9 days of Novena, and as per the custom of pilgrimage existed in our area, before going to the pilgrim center, we went to 9 nearby houses and begged money for offering at Mannanam on their behalf also. On a Saturday morning with our parents and grandmother we went to Mannanam and participated in Holy Qurbana and prayed at the tomb of Venerable Chavara Achan. On our way back though it was not a full Moon day my Asthma problem started and with much difficulty we reached back. The difficulties lasted for three days and I was thinking that our efforts were waste of time. But the loving hands of God Almighty worked through St. Chavara that both of us got miraculous cure from our long years of Asthmatic suffering. Till today more than forty years passed, I never had Asthmatic problems, nor to my sister who joined the congregation that year itself. We had included daily prayer for canonization of Venarable Chavara Kuriakose Elias at our home from that time onwards. So we had the experience of the sainthood of Chavara Achan from our early age. Thanks to Almighty Father for raising Chavara Achan to the company of saints so that many may get the chance know him and receive divine blessing through his intercession.

  • Since 10 years I was suffering from an allergy disease . many type of treatments are done but there was no change. I came to the tomb of Bl. Kuriakose Elias Chavara at Mannanam and prayed for the cure of my disease. Miraculously I was cured from my disease. I express my gratitude to Bl. Chavarayachen for this great favour I received from him.

  • My sister is a nurse. She was working in Saudi Arabia. Due to continues head ache and vomiting she was admitted to a hospital. After checkup it was found that there is a tumor in her head. We prayed to Bl. Chavara for the success of her treatment and the complete cure of the disease. Bl. Chavara heard our prayer and she is completely cured from the disease. We thank to Bl. Chavara.

  • Respected Father, My name is annamma . I write this letter for my grandson who receive a favour from Bl. Kuriakose Eliasachan. Till 4 years the boy was speak only one or two words. We are very sorry about this matter. So we pray to Bl. Chavara for him. After 9 days Novena prayer the boy began to speak fluently. We thank to Bl. Chavara for this great favour we received through his intercession

  • I was anEngineer and have 66 years old. For many years I was running a Factory at Mavelikkara. But now I was unable to manage the factory due to health problems. So I decided to sell the machineries. I gave an advertisement in the newspapers. But there was no response. Then according to my wife’s advise I began to pray to Blessed Chavara. I attended 9 Saturdays Holy Mass and Novena Prayers at Mannanam. Exactly after the 9th Saturdays novena prayer I could sell my machineries. This was a great favour I got from Blessed Chavara. I with my family came to Mannanam and thanked Bl. Chavara

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