• The children who love and fear God will love and respect their parents.

  • Let your ability be manifest in your discipline of life, in piety and control of your senses.

  • Whatever you earn through deceit and theft will soon melt away like snow.

  • It is the duty of children to look after their parents in their old age.

  • The greatest among you is the one who is the humblest.

  • When you go through sufferings and sickness, surrender yourself totally to the will of God.

  • Never hate your own brothers and sisters.


Chavara Central Secretariat Office
Chavara Hills, P.B.No.3105
Kakkanad, Kochi -682 030
Kerala, India.

Chavara Pilgrim centers

Kainakary - Place of Birth
Chavara Bhavan Pilgrim centre
Kainakary P.O.
Alappuzha -688 501, Kerala, India

Chavara Pilgrim centre
P.B.No. 3, Mannanam
Kottayam - 686 561, Kerala, India

St.Philomina’s Church
Koonammavu.-683 518,
Kerala, India.


Chavara Central Secretariat is a joint venture of CMI& CMC Congregations to promote the cause of our founder Blessed Chavara, This is to make serious studies on his spirituality and popularize Chavara devotion. One of the most important objectives of this Secretariat is to deepen the spirituality of our founder among our own members. Chavara Central Secretariat is monitored by two patrons, Very Rev.Fr. Jose Panthaplamthottiyil CMI and Very Rev. Sr. Sancta Kolath CMC.

The Central Committee members are:
Fr. George Thanchan CMI (Vicar General)
Sr. Leonila CMC (General Councilor)
Fr. Cherian Thunduparambil CMI (Postulator)
Fr. James Madathikandan CMI (Vice – Postulator)
Fr. Thomas Panthaplackal CMI (Director, Chavara Central Secretariat, CCS)
Sr. Rincy CMC (Secretary ,CCS)
Fr. Roby Kannanchira CMI (Programme co-ordinator,CCS )
There is also one co-ordinator from each CMI, CMC province as the working Committee member

Goals and objectives of the Secretariat

1. To Study and promote the essential elements of Chavara Spirituality
2. To project the Chavara personality and spirituality in the CMI & CMC congregations and in the Church and society of India and abroad.
3. To promote Chavara’s Christ-centered and word-oriented way of life
4. To propagate the messages of Chavara to the people
5. To promote academic studies on the life and contributions of Blessed Chavara
Realization of the objectives through:

A. Enrichment programme

1. In depth awareness programme for the CMI, CMC members by conducting Chavara Atmadarsan study cum reflection enrichment programme
2. Organize symposiums, seminars and study classes on various topics related to Bless Chavara for various categories of people.

B. Promotion of the devotion to Blessed Chavara and his contributions

1. Arrange pilgrimages to Mannanam, Kainakary etc for the people around our houses and institutions
2. Prepare power point presentation, CDs, documentaries, animated film on the life and spirituality of Blessed Chavara.
3. Develop an association- Associates of CMI and CMC – for the people who can co-operate with the spiritual resources of CMI, CMC congregations and work for the wholeness of people.
4. Promote Founder’s Day celebration in all our houses, attached parishes and in all our educational institutions. A day can be fixed in our educational institutions as FOUNDER’S DAY to get the staff and students involved in various activities, to make them aware of the contributions of Blessed Chavara for the good of the society and church.
5. Keep an icon or statue of Blessed Chavara at a prominent place in all our houses and institutions with inscriptions of his pioneering services.
6. Involve our family members in the promotion of Chavara devotion by supplying them with wall pictures, calendars, prayers etc.

C. Publication of various materials on Blessed Chavara

- Brochures, Novenas, Prayer Cards, Leaflets etc.
- Icons, Pictures of different sizes of Blessed Chavara
- Picture Story books for kids, and books on Chavara
- Text books on Blessed Chavara for aspirants and novices
- Edit and reprint the writings of Blessed Chavara
- Write Chinthavishayam on Blessed Chavara (All in different languages including Malayalam, English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, German, Italian etc).


KERALA, INDIA, PH:0482 4070012, 4070015
Email : chavara.secretariat@cmi.in