• The children who love and fear God will love and respect their parents.

  • Let your ability be manifest in your discipline of life, in piety and control of your senses.

  • Whatever you earn through deceit and theft will soon melt away like snow.

  • It is the duty of children to look after their parents in their old age.

  • The greatest among you is the one who is the humblest.

  • When you go through sufferings and sickness, surrender yourself totally to the will of God.

  • Never hate your own brothers and sisters.

Taken from the messages of Saint Chavara’s Chavarul -1868

  A good Christian family is the image of heaven. The communion of those who bound by ties of blood and affection, living together duly respecting and obeying parents, conforming to God and men, trying to attain the union with God according to ones own vocation; constitute a real family.  
  It is most distressing to live in a family where there is no order and peace; where the members are unconcerned with the service of God and their own salvation.  
  Even though for a just cause, do not go for law suits. It will destroy families.  
  The essential worth of a family consists in its holiness and fear of God. Such a family will enjoy divine blessings both in this world and in the next. Slander and foul talk in homes, darken the light of the good families.   
  Parents, remember that it is your primary duty and responsibility to bring up your children. They are ‘Sacred Treasure’ entrusted to you, by God to be purified with the most precious blood of our Lord, to be trained up in His service and to be returned to Him on the judgment day  
  If you desire your children to be good and helpful to you in your old age, take care that you give them training as good Christians when they are young.   
  Teach them to call on Jesus, Mary and Joseph as soon as they are able to lisp out; also the prayers like the ‘Our Father’, the ‘Hail Mary’ and other small prayers. How commendable it is to nourish the souls of your children, as you bring them up in the physical plane.   
  Give the children due freedom to choose their vocation when they come of age. For, to decide it, is the matter of God and to follow the same, is of the children.   
  In the evening, after the Angelus, say the family prayers in common. Do not interrupt this routine because of some important guests being in your house at that time. Do not fail to observe this regular feature on any account.   
  Do not belittle or humiliate the poor. For God will demand of you an account of their tears.   
  Work, as becomes your status of life. It is not suitable for a noble man to refuse to work. Laziness is mother to all other vices; especially the father of drunkenness, which is disgraceful before the world, and sinful before God.   
  Do not be satisfied with only the Holy Quarbana on the days of obligation. Spend most of the day in listening to sermons, in reading good books and in visiting the sick especially the poor ones and in exercising charity in general.   
  Do not engage in unbecoming conversations and gossips in the presence of your little children, thinking that they are too young to understand what you say.   
  Do not show off your wealth and power. Do not spend more money than what you can, on festivals and celebrations. It is better to light a small lamp and keep it longer, than blaze a haystack and light up for a short time.   
  Chavara was baptized at The sweet consolation and peace for a person, experiencing trials and difficulties in this world, is to live in a family where order and mutual love reign.  
  Live in love with one another and forgive the short-comings of the other that will give you peace on earth and eternal joy in heaven.  
  Do not contract marriage alliance with family that despise order or have no fear of God. It is the orderly and God-fearing relatives that will make your family more virtuous and happy.  
  Books of wisdom and philosophical knowledge help us to increase our devotion and they form the treasure which parents should earn and save, for their children. Agnostic books spread error and ignorance. Keeping such books in our house, is like hiding fire in haystacks.   
  When children are grown up a little, send them to school. Enquire after their progress in studies from time to time, also what type of companions they do have. Check up, on every Sunday, what they have studied   
  Mothers should frequently commend their children to God; entrust them to the protection of Holy Family and pray for them very often. God will receive your prayers as that of your child.   
  Do not be very stiff or very lenient towards your children. Too much affection will make them proud. Excessive stiffness, anger and punishment will make them desperate, dejected and even unashamed.   
  Parents should effect partition of properties before they grow too old. They will be held accountable for dissensions between children, arising on account of their failure to do so, in time.   
   Do not deny or delay the payment of just wages to labourers. For, that is a sin which cries up to the throne of God for retribution.   
  Days on which you have not rendered any good to others, will not be reckoned among the days of your life.   
   Even animals can retaliate. But to ignore wrong and to forgive them is possible only for the prudent, strong and dignified man.   
  If all members of the family cannot attend Holy Mass on all week- days, let them take turns; so that one or two persons, at least, can attend Mass everyday.   
   Extravagance and miserliness-both are sinful. The wealth of the miser will be devoured by worms. He will never be happy in his life. The luxuries of the extravagant will be disappeared like smoke. 28.Do not have many friends. Choose one carefully from among a thousand. One, who does not love God, will not love you either, truly.   
  The wealth we accumulate by stealing or tricks will vanish, like ice-tips.   


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