Amidst his diverse and manifold activities, he found time and leisure to write a few books, both in prose and in verse like Atmanuthapan (The lamentations of a Repentant soul – a poem), Maranaveettil Paduvanulla Pana (A poem to sing in the bereaved house), Anasthaciayude Rakthasakshyam (The Martyrdom of Anasthacia), historical notes as Nalagamagal (chronicles) and Dhyana Sallapangal (Colloquies in Mediation). He took initiative in codifying the liturgical books like canonical prayers for priests and prepared the liturgical rubrics called ‘Thukkasa’, liturgical calendar and office for the dead etc. His eclogues are 10 Shepherd plays on the birth of Christ. His counsels to the Christian families given in the form of the “Testament of a Loving Father” is universally applicable and are relevant to this day. As an instruction manual for families already its lakhs of copies in 32 editions were circulated to the Christian families of Kerala.